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Our Leathers

Uncompromising luxury comes from using the finest materials available.  Simply nothing quite compares to the sensual feel and graceful ageing of full-grain leather.

Moran Leather is the natural choice for creating the ultimate lasting impression and bringing a touch of luxury into your everyday experience.  The very best ensures premium quality, fashionability, exceptional value and lasting enjoyment.



The 2023 leather range offers premium quality, full grain, upholstery grade leathers. The selection available reflects current global colour trends and our most popular colours and finishes.  Please enquire with your preferred Moran Furniture Retailer to see the latest physical samples.


Value Range | New Stock

Sterling is corrected grain leather with added thickness yet retaining a soft handle that is ideal for everyday use. It is versatile leather that can be used across the complete Moran Furniture range. Sterling features UV protection and colourfastness, providing high performance properties required to meet harsh climatic conditions. Sterling leather offers excellence in value, durability and style.


Premium Range | New Stock

Premium is semi-aniline leather. It was created with attention to its body, fullness and silky topcoat, making it luxuriously soft, yet still exceptionally practical for everyday use. Premium contains a subtle tone-on-tone pigment effect, which adds life and extra depth of colour. Extended tumble milling of the hides in the final production process produces leather with a unique moisturised and silky-smooth finish.


Premium Range | New Stock

Antique leather is a specialty textured leather; semi-aniline and semi-corrected with a unique two-toned hand applied colour rub producing a unique depth of colour and giving an instant antiqued/aged appearance. This range consists of traditionally inspired colours. Hand rubbed colour is applied to each piece of Moran Furniture as the last step in the finishing process to accentuate the natural grain and highlight the individual character of each bespoke made furniture piece. As Antique ages, it will subtly lighten in colour in key contact areas, such as the seat cushions and arm rests, thus enhancing its classic charm. Antique looks superb on furniture with diamond buttoning, as the light and dark shades of the leather further enhance the diamond buttoning feature.


Luxury Range | New Stock

Vintage is aniline leather. A seductively soft handle this prestige range will instantly bear a designer hand-writing. The elegant colour palette reflects current trend forecasts. Its fine grain and silky finish is pure luxury.


Speciality Leathers are hand picked for their exceptional quality, rich tonality and soft hand feel. Created with varying milling and tanning processes these leathers offer unique, undeniable beauty while still delivering on durability well suited to everyday use. Palazzo leather is a pure-aniline leather with a natural milled grain finish and tanned using the finest vegetable dyes for a consistent textural quality and attractive depth of colour. Kaleidoscope leather is semi-aniline leather characterised by its supple feel and subtle variations in both surface colour and grain that lean to the natural beauty and visual appeal of leather. Speciality leather are made in smaller batches with unique characteristics that set them apart from our usual ranges offering further customisation options for your furniture.


Our Leathers

The luxury aesthetic and sensual feel of quality leather upholstery in the home can be a lasting source of pride and prestige.

The ability of leather to feel comfortable in all seasons, to endure the requirements of modern living and age gracefully with character, continues to make leather upholstery an extremely popular choice to suit the Australian lifestyle.

Make no mistake; leather is a unique natural product. It breathes, is warm and has individual characteristics which make each hide different. Hides will exhibit naturally occurring markings and variation in tone and texture, but by embracing these signs of authenticity you will invariably come to enjoy, as many people do, the endearing characteristics of full grain leather upholstery.

With Moran Furniture you can relax in the knowledge that the leather range is selected by a manufacturer that cares about the finishing detail of you bespoke furniture to achieve the luxury handwriting synonymous with the Moran brand.

Moran Upholsterers are highly trained in the art of selecting each hide to best make up your bespoke furniture. Great attention is taken with the thoughtful placement of visible natural markings and is the hallmark of an Artisan crafting with an organic material to create your personalised prestige product.

Moran Furniture has a long history of sourcing premium, upholstery grade leathers from tanneries worldwide. A sophisticated palette of the most beautiful leather looks and refined fashionable colours are on offer season after season, so that you may tailor your selection to suit your budget, aesthetic and lifestyle.

Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather is highly prized for the way it looks. It is the most natural looking type of leather and retains the unique surface characteristics such as pores scars. Aniline leather is dyed by immersing the hide in a transparent dye bath, but the look of the surface is retained because it is not coated with any additional polymers or pigments.

Advantages: Aniline leather is very soft to touch, and comfortable. Since it retains all the unique markings and characteristics of the hide, each piece is very different from the other.

Disadvantages: Since it is not protected, aniline leather can stain. It is not recommended to use in furniture for young families or very high traffic areas for that reason.

Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-Aniline Leather is slightly hardier than aniline leather because its surface has been treated with a light coat that contains some pigment. This makes it more soil and stain resistant. Slight variations in dying application can result in different outcomes. Pigment can also be absorbed differently between hides and adjustments are necessary to control colour variations.

Advantages: Retains the uniqueness of aniline leather but has more consistent colour and is more resistant to stains. It can stand up to tougher conditions, and isn’t damaged as easily.

Disadvantages: Natural markings are not as obvious as the more natural looking scars and markings characteristic of aniline leather.

Protected or Pigmented Leather

Protected or Pigmented Leather is the most durable type of leather, for that reason it is the most used leather in manufacturing furniture. Protected leather has a polymer surface coating containing pigments, making this the hardiest of these three different types.

While the thickness of the surface coating may vary, it allows the manufacturer to have more control over the properties of the leather. It is also possible to add more resistance to scuffing or fading to this type of leather.

Advantages: Easy to maintain and stands up to different conditions and uses. Pigment and texture can be applied more rigorously to achieve a more consistent result.

Disadvantages: This type of leather does not have the uniqueness of aniline leather, and looks less natural. It can be hard to tell one kind of grain apart from the other as the surface is coated and embossed.

Hand Rubbing/Antiquing

Hand Rubbing/Antiquing:  A colouring technique that can be applied to corrected grain leather where-by colour is applied to the leather surface and then rubbed back selectively by hand to impart a naturally aged appearance and accentuate upholstery details. As antiqued leather ages, it will subtly lighten in colour in key contact areas, such as the seat cushions and arm rests, thus enhancing its classic charm.

Advantages: Looks superb on furniture with diamond buttoning and fine pleating as the light and dark shades of the leather further enhance the features. Process can be repeated.

Disadvantages: Does not suit modern furniture styles.

Choosing the Most Suitable Leather for You

Both personal preferences and practical considerations should be taken into consideration when making your leather selection. Leather will naturally develop a lived in appearance over time but to ensure longevity and to protect the natural beauty please use this checklist as a guide to help you choose the leather most suitable to your lifestyle.

Do you have children?

Consider their age. If your children are young you can expect your furniture to receive a fair amount of harsh treatment. Please consider carefully when making your leather choice.

Do your pets live inside the house?

Animals may scratch and soil leather furniture. Body oil, fluids, and dirt can all cause premature damage to leather furniture. Please consider carefully when making your leather choice.

How exposed will your furniture be to light?

Harsh UV rays from sunlight or even household lighting (i.e. halogen, fluorescent) may cause leather to fade and dry out natural protective oils. Ensure window coverings are drawn during the day to reduce the amount of light exposure.

How often will you use your furniture?

With use, your furniture will develop a lived in appearance (i.e. puddling on seats and comfort creases just like your favourite pair of shoes). This is a completely natural occurrence with leather. With extensive use furniture will require more regular maintenance. Please consider carefully when making your leather choice.

Recommended Care and Usage

Legend:  Not Recommended |  Satisfactory | Recommended |   UV Sensitive


Frequent Use
Children / Pets

Frequent Use
No Children / Pets

Infrequent Use
No Children / Pets

Use On Recliners







General Leather Care

Leather will maintain its properties over many years if looked after correctly. Adhere to the following care points to ensure your leather enjoys a long life:

  • Avoid exposing furniture to direct lighting, heat sources and sharp objects.
  • Dust and vacuum over leather regularly.
  • Wipe down furniture with a clean, white, soft, damp cotton cloth fortnightly.
  • Clean and condition leather with proprietary leather care products.

Special Leather Care

Due to the more delicate nature of full-aniline and waxed coated leathers, the following extra special care should be taken:

  • Be gentle when cleaning and be sure not to over use proprietary leather care products.
  • Ink and stain removers are not recommended for use on these leathers.
  • Always refer to leather manufacturer’s warranty and care instructions.33

All designs contained herein are owned/registered and remain the Intellectual property of Moran Furniture Pty Ltd. The furniture models and manufacture described in this literature relate exclusively to the designs produced by Moran Furniture. Availability of cover shown is subject to change. Improvements or alterations to design, construction techniques or dimensions may occur without notice.

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